The Mill Centre

Planning for the future

In May 2017, After 10 years of negotiations, Canterbury City Council granted a 30 year lease to Brige Parish Council for the Mill Centre. The Parish Council, in turn, granted an under-lease to the Mill Centre Management Committee to run the Mill Centre as a community asset

Planning permission was sought and granted for a major refurbishment of the Mill Centre. The estimated cost is £250,000. The condition of granting the lease is that this work is carried by 2nd May 2021.

We need the community's support and help in raising the funds to carry out this important work.

The Aviva Community Fund

Please Vote for us!

We have applied for this fund, asking for £10,000 to replace all the windows.

We need your vote!

Please support us by voting for us.

Who can vote?

Anyone who lives in the UK and registers on the Aviva Community Fund website can vote for projects during the voting phase of the awards.

How do I vote for a project?

Once you've registered on the Aviva Community Fund website , all you need to do is click on the Vote button on any project you want to support. Each registered user gets 10 votes they can use at any time.

How many projects can I vote for?

You can support as many projects as you like with your votes (up to 10). Spread them around or use them all to support one project - it's your choice. But use them wisely. Once you've used a vote, you can't take it back.

When can I vote?

You can vote at any time during the voting phase of the competition, which runs from 9 am on 24 October to midday on 21 November 2017.

The amount we are bidding for is different this year - up to £10,000 for replacing the windows and doors throughout - and this is when everyone else needs to get networking, facebooking etc etc to get as many votes for the project between 24th October and midday on 21st November.

The finalists for funding are then notified on 28th November and then the 'panel' chooses the winning projects who will know on 16th January 2018.

Last year the final total for votes for the Mill Centre Project was 2,359 which was a really cracking effort. We would hope that we can improve on last year - target at least 4000 votes - that's 400 people voting which is roughly 25% of the population of Bridge.


Fundraising so far

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